House of Salad

A part of the Eltham community since 2005.

Enjoy a range of wood fired organic pizza, pasta, steaks and seafood at the House of Salad


We will remain open for takeaway orders, from lunch through to dinner. Served by the professional hand washing duo Sarki and Amal. 

While operating during Covid-19 has been fluid and changing, our aim is to respond and operate in way that puts the safety of our customers, and ourselves first. That’s why with your help our processes for the near future will follow some of these easy steps – from our door to your hands, We will not be using any third party options. 

Whether you’re in need of a barista made coffee while working from home, or a pizza or pasta anytime, please use the below to make your order.

As always, we are overwhelmed by the love and support from our Eltham family, and of course we’re going to miss the face to face.